Terms and Conditions

1. Term
The initial term (“initial term”) of this agreement is one (1) year (“Term”) from the date collection begins (“effective service date”). This agreement shall automatically renew for successive one (1) year terms (each a “renewal term”) thereafter unless either party provides written notice of termination by certified mail to each other with a ninety (90) day prior to the termination of the initial term of any renewal term.

2. Payments
You will be billed quarterly. Your quarterly bill will be automatically charged to your Credit Card on record on the 28th day of each preceding calendar quarter (December for the term of January to March, March for the term of April to June, June for the term of July to September, September for the term of October to December). If paying by check has been agreed upon, invoices will be sent during the months of (December, March, June, September,) and they are due Upon Receipt. If paying via check please include your service address and phone number. Our Payment address is: Chessie Environmental LLC- 1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis, MD 21401. There will be a fee of $35.00 for all returned payments. If service is interrupted due to delinquent payment status a $30.00 reinstatement fee will be assessed to your account.

3. Rate Adjustments
CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC reserves the right to adjust the rates hereunder based upon increases in fuel costs, increases in disposal facility costs, increases due to changes in local, state or federal laws, ordinances, or regulations and increases in transportation costs due to a change in the location of disposal facilities. CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC will provide you with a fifteen (15) day notice of any price adjustment.

4. Damage to Road and Pavement
CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC will not be liable for reasonable wear and tear to pavement, curbing, or driving surfaces from its trucks servicing an agreed upon area. CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC shall exercise a reasonable standard of care not to damage the pavement, curbing, or driving surfaces in the development. It is understood that CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC is not an insurer in this respect and shall be liable only for damages resulting from negligence of its employees.

5. Ownership of Equipment
Customer acknowledges that all equipment used and provided by Chessie Environmental LLC remains the sole and exclusive property of Chessie Environmental LLC. However, Customer acknowledges that equipment provided is in the care, custody and control of the Customer and accepts responsibility for loss and damage except for normal wear and tear resulting from the intended use of the equipment. There will be a $60.00 fee replacement fee due to negligence or misuse of equipment provided.

6. Choice of Law and Venue.
Any dispute between the parties regarding this Agreement shall be governed, construed and enforced by the laws of the State of Maryland, including penalties available for breaching this Agreement. Both parties agree that any dispute arising out of relating to this Agreement (“Dispute”) shall exclusively be brought in and adjudicated by the Courts in and for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The parties expressly consent to the personal jurisdiction of the Courts in and for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The parties agree to waive their right to jury trial in disputes arising hereunder.

7. Force Majeure
CHESSIE ENVIRONMENTAL LLC shall not be liable for any delays to its performance hereunder resulting from circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, fire or other casualty, act of God, strike or labor dispute, war or other violence, or any law, order or requirement of any governmental agency or authority.

8. Holidays
We do not provide service on Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas day and New Year’s Day. For most up to date information please check our Facebook page, our web site (www.ChessieEnv.com) and/or call our main office number.

9. Bulk Pickup & Special Pick-up
Please call our office for pricing. Our minimum price for this service is $50.00

10. Pickup & Setout Requirements
We make best efforts to maintain the same scheduled service days unless otherwise noted (see Cancellation & Delays). It’s difficult to duplicate pickup time due to uncontrollable circumstances that we may encounter day to day. To help ensure pickup, please have your trash and recycling staged and ready for pick-up 6 am on collection day.

11. Cancelation and Delays
Cancellations and delays of service due to weather, disasters, acts of God, emergencies or uncontrollable circumstances will normally be collected the next day depending on the conditions and safety of our employees. For up to date information concerning delays and cancellations please visit our Facebook page, our web site (www.ChessieEnv.com) and/or call our main office number.

12. Safety
For the safety of our employees and others. Please do not tie lids to trash containers. Sharpe objects such as needles, broken glass, razor blades and knives should be placed inside of durable plastic bottle, sealed and taped, then placed in a trash marked accordingly. Please remember that ashes remain hot for several days, store them in a metal container outside of your house for a week prior to putting them out for pickup.

13. Scope of Service.
We will only pick-up trash and recycling that is inside of the containers that we provided you with. Anything outside is not included in the contract price. If you need additional containers please contact us.

14.Items that we will not pick up
Flammable products, construction material, auto parts, boat parts, paint cans, animal carcasses, manure, tree stumps, dirt, stone, rock, brick, lead, acid/wet cell batteries, railroad ties, toxic materials, bio-hazardous materials or waste, propane/oxygen/helium tanks, items containing gas or oil, explosives, line ammunition or weapons, large amounts of animal waste, oversized brush (longer than 4 fee or 6 inches in dimeter), Chessie Environmental LLC Environmental containers weight more than 50 pounds or any items that cannot be safely loaded by our crews for removal or any items that may damage hauling equipment.